Conflict Resolution Skills for the School Community

A Two Day Workshop on Conflict Resolution for Teachers, school administrators, and involved parents.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will focus on conflict and communication. As a result of participating in this workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their understanding of conflict-causes and effects, indicators of conflict.
  • Learn and apply the tools of Conflict Resolution.
  • Understand creative responses to conflict.
  • Explore the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours.
  • Learn skills to identify and manage emotions more effectively.
  • Understand the processes which assist in increasing willingness and ability to resolve conflict
  • Consider attitudes towards power and the efficacy of co-operative power in resolving conflict.

Content and skills covered in the two day training

bullet A working definition of conflict
bullet Different kinds of conflict
bullet Creative response
bullet Win/win approach
bullet Mapping the conflict
bullet Communication killers
bullet Active Listening
bullet Appropriate Assertiveness
bullet "I" Statements
bullet Levels of conflict
bullet Recognising Emotions
bullet Managing Emotions
bullet Willingness to Resolve
bullet Fighting Foul, Fighting Fair
bullet Cooperative Power
bullet Mediation
bullet Designing Options
bullet Where To From Here?

This course can also be offered in a four session format.