Training Processes & Strategies

RICO (R esilient I ndividuals, C ommunities & O rganisations) develops and provides training (education), processes and strategies that will promote and enhance resilience in individuals, communities and organisations

The range of training processes and strategies provided by RICO include:

bullet Coaching

bullet Conflict Resolution Skills Education (Conflict Resolution Education, Conflict Resolution Skills for the School Community)  (MBTI Type and Conflict)

bullet Courses for those living with or working with Youth  (Adolescent Brain Development; ASIST; Conflict Resolution Education; MBTI - Teaching and Learning Styles; Type, Learning and Motivation; The 40 Developmental Assets of Youth – Asset Building Families; School Communities that Build Assets; Raising Resilient Children; Responding Effectively to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (self-harm); School Processes Promoting and Enhancing Resilience; Youth Mental Health First Aid; safeTALK; suicideTALK)

bullet Group Facilitation

bullet Leadership Development (Coaching, Conflict Resolution Education, MBTI, MHFA, ASIST, safeTALK, suicideTALK, competency based recruitment and selection)

bullet Life Skills Education - problem solving, time management, communication.(MBTI, Coaching, Supervision, “Yes...But....)

bullet The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®, Introductory Workshop, Introduction to Type, Dynamics and Development)

bullet Management Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i ®)

bullet Mental Health First Aid Training - MHFA, YMHFA (Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid)

bullet Postvention Training (Responding Effectively to Those Affected by the Trauma of Sudden  
    Death and Suicide  (RESPOND))

bullet Suicide Prevention Training

bullet Suicide Intervention Training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST))

bullet Supervision

bullet Team Development (MBTI – Type and Teams; Type, Learning & Motivation, Type and Conflict, Type and Change, Type and Communication, In the Grip, Type and Emotional Intelligence, Management Team Role Indicator (MTR – i ®, Conflict Resolution Education, TMS, Vision and Mission, Strategic Planning, Competency Based Recruitment and Selection, ASIST, MHFA, safeTALK, suicideTALK)

bullet Training Development, Delivery and Evaluation.

bullet “Yes...but