Management Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i®)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of our team?
How can our team become more effective?
Does the way I behave at work or in a team differ from my type preferences?

This six hour workshop focuses on how individuals behave in a work or team situation as a result of cultural factors, employment expectations and job demands. This indicator provides a sound basis for: identification of potential strengths and weakness of a team; reduction and resolution of team role conflicts; increased self-awareness and self-management; improved team interactions and team performance; identification of type vs role dynamics such as causes of stress.

The MTR-i ® can be used as the basis of team building workshops to

  • identify potential strengths and weaknesses of the team;
  • reduce and resolve team role conflicts;
  • increase self-awareness and self-management;
  • improve team interactions and team performance;
  • improve the quality of the team's products;
  • identify type vs role dynamics such as causes of stress.

The MTR-i ® helps explore how much each of the function-attitudes (on which the MBTI® is based) are used in a work context. It identifies the contribution a person makes to a particular team and reflects the person's work persona. It indirectly measures how Jungian function-attitudes are currently being used in the team.

How does the MTR-i ® differ from the MBTI®?

The MBTI® identifies your natural personality type. Your personality type is consistent over time. It does not change as you move from one situation to another. However, the role you play in a team may change from one team to another, and may change in a particular team over time. Team roles are influenced by the demands of a situation.