Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI® Personality Indicator can enhance relationships and
team performance,
success in work and school, and
your ability to know yourself and understand others.

What does it indicate?

The MBTI® instrument measures personality preferences on four different scales:

Extraversion (E) - Introversion (I) [where we prefer to draw and expend our energy],
Sensing (S) - Intuition (N) [how we gather information],
Thinking (T) - Feeling (F) [how we process the information we have gathered], and
Judging (J) - Perceiving (P) [how we prefer to operate in the external world].

Results from the indicator are delivered in a four letter type.

An important and unique aspect of the MBT®I instrument is the requirement that feedback be given by an accredited MBTI® professional who is qualified to administer and interpret the results.

The reliability and validity of the MBTI® instrument, along with its 40 year plus history of use, make it a trusted source for personality assessment for individuals and groups. It provides a practical and powerful perspective for lifelong growth and development.

The MBTI® has been translated into 16 languages and is utilised world wide to improve individual and team performance, nurture and retain personnel, develop leadership, reduce conflict and explore the world of work.


How can it be applied?

Typical applications of the MBTI® for individuals include:

bullet Communication Skills
bullet People Management
bullet Change Facilitation
bullet Team Building
bullet Stress Management & Reduction
bullet Leadership Development
bullet Organisational Culture and Development
bullet Career Transition
bullet Emotional Intelligence
bullet Coaching and Supervision
bullet Teaching and Learning Styles
bullet Parenting
bullet Relationships
bullet Spirituality
bullet Leadership
bullet Type Dynamics and Development
bullet Change
bullet Conflict Resolution


Workshops Available

Workshops are available on each of the topics listed above. Each of the applications above can include the Introduction to Type workshop or can be delivered separately after completion of an Introduction to Type workshop.

Please note, each of those workshops outlined below are designed to be introductory of the MBTI ® in a particular application and can be expanded to a 6 or 8 hour, full-day workshop if required.

Participants will get the most from the following workshops if they are -

  • Familiar with the psychological type approach to understanding personality
  • Know their own four- letter personality type from having taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument and having verified their type through self validation and receiving feedback from an accredited facilitator of the MBTI®.

bullet Type and Emotional Intelligence - 4 hours

bullet In the Grip - Understanding Type, Stress and the Inferior Function - 4 Hours

bullet Type and Conflict - 4 Hours

bullet Type and Communication - 4 Hours

bullet Type and Teams - 4 Hours

bullet Type Dynamics and Development - 4 Hours

bullet Type and Change - 4 Hours

bullet Type in Organisations - 4 Hours

bullet Type and Careers - 4 Hours

bullet Type, Learning and Motivation - 4 Hours