Type in Organisations

The MBTI ® provides a tool which can help people in organisations:

  • understand themselves and their behaviours
  • appreciate others so as to make constructive use of individual differences
  • approach problems in a different yet healthy way to increase productivity.

Through participation in this workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Review basic concepts of Psychological Type and Jungian Theory of Personality and personality Development;
  • Understand the preferred methods of communication for each of the 8 preferences;
  • Examine the commonalities between preferences grouped according to:
  • Quadrants
  • Function Pairs
  • Temperament
  • Explore each of the 16 Types in terms of their:
  • contributions to the organisation
    • leadership style
    • preferred learning style
  • Problem solving-approach
  • Preferred work environments.
  • Potential pitfalls and
  • Suggestions for development.
  • Characteristics and consequences of the Dominant and Inferior Functions
  • Decision-making processes using Type preferences.