RESPOND - Responding Effectively to Those Affected by the Trauma of Sudden Death and Suicide

"Postvention is Prevention for the next generation"

This cutting edge course has been developed by RICO Training, Processes & Strategies in conjunction with Lifeline Canberra Inc. It is designed for those persons who may be called upon to provide care and support for persons affected by the trauma of sudden death and suicide.

Course Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in this course, participants will be provided with the opportunity to:

  1. understand the impact of sudden death on individuals, families and communities;
  2. understand what postvention is and the role it plays in suicide prevention;
  3. increase understanding of suicidality;
  4. examine the dimensions of grief and loss and its impact/expression;
  5. explore values/beliefs about sudden death and trauma and the impact of these when working with bereaved persons;
  6. develop skills and strategies to assist those persons impacted upon by sudden death.

"Sudden Death" refers to any death that is not caused by an illness or disability. The grieving processes and impacts of such deaths are intensified because those who are still living are psychologically unprepared for what they are about to experience.

Likewise, when it comes to suicide, the impact on the bereaved goes beyond that experienced for natural death.

"One does not 'get over' a suicide. The effects may stabilize, but the loss is forever felt. Personal values and beliefs are shattered. The individual is changed emotionally. Every survivor needs immediate support at the time of the loss. They need help in understanding suicide and what it has done to their lives."

What is Postvention?

"Postvention" is the term used to describe all interventions that attempt to reduce the negative consequences that may affect those close to the victim after a sudden death has occurred. The objectives of Postvention are to:

  1. Ease the effects of the trauma and the related loss.
  2. Prevent the onset of adverse grief reactions and complications.
  3. Minimise the risk of suicidal behaviour.

Course duration: 6 hours