Would I recognise if someone was thinking about suicide?

How could I help someone who is thinking about suicide?

How can I contribute to building a suicide-safer community/organisation?


  • with one in 20 Australian adults in any one year thinking about suicide, suicide is a major community health problem;
  • suicide can be prevented;
  • open and direct TALK about suicide is a key to preventing suicide;
  • most persons with thoughts of suicide go unrecognized-even though most all are, directly or indirectly, asking for help;
  • anyone can become a person at risk of suicide;
  • there are things that one can do to protect oneself and others;
  • there are many different ways that one can contribute to the prevention of suicide.

The "safe" of safeTALK stands for suicide alertness for everyone. It reflects the belief that everyone (over the age of 15) can learn and use what safeTALK teaches.

The "TALK" in safeTALK stands for the steps that can be taken to help someone who has thoughts of suicide: Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe.

safeTALK is a 2.5-3.5 hour training for everyone in the community designed to ensure that persons with thoughts of suicide are connected to helpers who are prepared to provide first aid interventions. safeTALK is designed to be used in organizations and communities where there are already ASIST-trained caregivers.


As a result of participating in this training, participants will:

  • learn how to provide practical help to persons with thoughts of suicide;
  • be more willing and able to perform an important helping role for persons with thoughts of suicide;
  • know the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe)
  • be able to activate a suicide alert.
  • become aware of opportunities to help a person with thoughts of suicide
  • learn how to connect persons with thoughts to persons trained in suicide intervention
  • experience and learn a carefully crafted set of helping steps that will make it possible for you and up to 30 others in your community/organisation to leave safeTALK willing and able to be suicide alert helpers.

safe TALK is a complement to Suicide Intervention training (ASIST or similar) and forms part of a comprehensive suicide prevention framework that includes suicideTALK and ASIST.