Should we talk about suicide?

suicideTALK is a 1.5 - to 2 - hour exploration in suicide awareness. It provides a structure in which participants can safely explore some of the most challenging attitudinal issues about suicide. It is organized around the question: "Should we talk about suicide?". Its goal is to help make direct, open and honest talk about suicide easier.

Such talk may:

  • encourage life-protection, preservation and promotion activities,
  • facilitate awareness of suicide as a serious community health problem,
  • reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding suicide,
  • increase personal commitment to and action in preventing suicide

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • increase their suicide awareness and literacy;
  • clarify their personal attitudes and views about suicide;
  • establish a network of persons willing to discuss suicide and other issues related to mental health and well-being;
  • experience a structure and a safe environment to talk about suicide;
  • promote and enhance their resilience by breaking down taboos around suicide talk;
  • build the foundation of an organisation or community which looks to promote the mental health of it's members.

suicideTALK is part of a comprehensive suicide prevention framework which Includes safeTALK and ASIST.