Team Management Systems (TMS)

Team Management Systems is a range of products and services which covers the whole Spectrum of expertise in team work and team management. It was designed by leading international management consultants, Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann.

RICO Training, Processes & Strategies are trained administrators of the TMS product range. They can facilitate workshops for your organisation which will introduce the Margerison and McCann framework to you and, depending on the needs of your organisation, are able to design and facilitate further workshops using the TMS product range.

The Team Management Profile

People tend to practice what they prefer and therefore perform better in those areas that match their work preference.

Understanding work preferences is essential to the developing individual, team and organisational performance. Team Management Systems' Team Management Profile Questionnaire ( TMPQ ) is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual's approach to work. Based on the responses to the TMPQ , the Personal Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual's work preferences, based on the Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.