Refinish Imports


Abrasives Abrasive products in a variety of abrasive formats, sizes and specifications for all materials, applications and requirements


  Aerosols Our Premium Aerosols are a comprehensive range ideal for spot/panel and SMART applications. Special clog-free nozzles give a...

AG Abrasives

AG Abrasives specialises in Abrasives, Hygiene & Cleaning, Protection & Masking.

Bodyshop Consumables

Superior quality and maximum convenience, a one-stop-shop for essential Bodyshop consumables.


Brunox Brunox Epoxy Primer and Brunox Turbo-Spray formulated through advanced patented Swiss Technology.


Coatings Made from the highest quality European resins, U-POL coatings offer superior performance in a range of formulations to suit...


U-Pol Dolphin Dolphin fillers are the original self-levelling automotive body filler used by thousands of panel repair professionals world-wide. Dolphin...


U-Pol Easy A smooth and lightweight body filler for deep and medium repairs as well as a finishing filler


Car body fillers A comprehensive range of fillers to satisfy Bodyshop demand for quality and performance. We use the latest...


U-Pol GOLD GOLD is a range of lightweight fillers and glazes with exceptionally easy to work and easy to sand...


ISOPON The easy to use ISOPON range keeps your car looking its best. It repairs holes, splits and cracks in...