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Raptor marine coatings

Raptor is being applied to ships, boats, yachts, dinghies and even wharves and other waterside assets such as railings and metal cabinets. Raptor has several important characteristics that make it perfect for marine applications, including: high UV stability, corrosion resistance, a textured surface that is great for walking areas slippery in the wet, waterproof, solvent and chemical resistant, rugged chip and scratch resistant surface. 

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Trade Customers with an ABN

Regularly buying a lot of products for professional applications? Panel Repair businesses Manufacturers Contractors Metal fabricators You should talk to us about special pricing. Refinish Imports Company...
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Industrial Coatings - Buying Raptor in Bulk

Raptor in Australia is fast finding application as an industrial coating. And for very good reasons. 5 times thicker than most industrial coatings, Raptor has high resistance to stone damage and scratching, high UV stability and is solvent and chemical resistant. Raptor is available in 200 litre drums. Find out about our bulk pricing.
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Not all body fillers are made equal

U-POL has been a leading manufacturer of panel shop body-fillers for over 70 years and has established a reputation for providing one of the best performing range of body fillers available. The Dolphin automotive body filler range of products is a comprehensive range of fillers designed to improve professional panel shop productivity.  Dolphin fillers are designed with the needs of the panel shop professional in mind.

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Dolphin Speedglaze – cures in six to eight minutes.

The latest addition to the Dolphin body filler range is Dolphin Speedglaze; a special purpose final finish automotive body filler with two key characteristics that will make it a must have product in the body shop. Firstly, it cures rapidly; the maximum curing time is around 6 to 8 minutes (faster depending on ambient air temperature)...

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4WD rust repair – With Brunox and Raptor

Nothing kills a 4WD quicker than rust. The simplest, fastest and most effective cure is to treat the body work with two great products that work very well together. Brunox and Raptor Liner combined in a two-step process will treat the rust stopping any further deterioration and achieve a great looking topcoat that will last for years.
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