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Not all body fillers are made equal

Not all body fillers are made equal

Managing the economics of a panel repair shop leads to questions like “where can I save money?”

Controlling costs is good basic business sense, and part of that is deciding which brand to buy. Like everything, refinish products range in price from affordable to expensive. Why not buy the cheapest product?

In a professional panel shop, labour is the most expensive cost and taking longer for a panel repair, or worse having to rework the panel because of problems, is best avoided.

Let’s talk about body fillers.

U-POL has been a leading manufacturer of panel shop body-fillers for over 70 years and has established a reputation for providing one of the best performing range of body fillers available.

U-POL invest a lot of time understanding what panel repair shops need, developing and refining products that perform the best.

Dolphin Premium Body Filler range

Introduced to the Auto Refinish Industry several years ago, the Dolphin Body filler range has become an industry standard.

The Dolphin automotive body filler range of products is a comprehensive range of fillers designed to improve professional panel shop productivity and includes:

  • Dolphin Premium Body Filler:
    A premium technically advanced filler for medium to deep panel damage.
  • Dolphin Glaze:
    A fine finishing glaze designed to eliminate pinholes and surface imperfections prior to painting.
  • Dolphin speedglaze:
    The latest addition to the range with "snap cure" technology that cures up to 3 times faster than standard Dolphin Glaze. 6 to 8 minutes curing time - ready to sand.
  • Dolphin 1K Stopper:

    Perfect for surface imperfections and pinholes, especially last-minute situations. Quick-drying with excellent adhesion. Use straight from the tube. No hardener required. Easy to Sand.

Discover the Dolphin Filler Range


Dolphin Medium – the perfect all-rounder

There is a filler in the Dolphin range designed to be optimal for all types of filling jobs from large, medium and through to final finishing.

However, if you prefer working with only one filler then Dolphin Medium is your best option.

Dolphin Medium is a great all-rounder that is suitable for 90% of filling jobs.

While not strictly a deep filler, it can be used for deep filling and sands back to an ultra-fine finish.

It’s an easy to sand body filler that will not clog-up the abrasive. Dolphin fillers dry with a tack free surface.

Refinish professionals describe Dolphin Medium as an all-round highly workable and versatile product that is easy to use. Feathering properties are excellent and Dolphin is compatible with most paint systems.

After mixing in the hardener, Dolphin Medium is thick but pliable providing a balance between spread-ability and holding strength, having excellent non-sag characteristics making it perfect for filling vertical surfaces.

Fast curing and easy to sand, Dolphin Medium filler reduces cycle times and increases body shop throughput.

It sticks to all substrates with high adhesion to metals, SMC, fibreglass, aluminium, galvanised steel, and lightly abraded e-coat.

Fast cure technology means you can mix, spread, and sand the filler within 20 minutes. Dolphin Medium doesn’t drag off the surface as you apply it.

For high-end concourse paint projects, used in conjunction with Dolphin Glaze (or the new Speedglaze) to achieve a superior smoothness. Dolphin Glaze is perfect for filling tiny imperfections.

It’s a fine finishing filler used by body shop professionals to achieve an ultra-smooth finish prior to painting. The self-leveling formula is exceptionally easy to apply.

Dolphin Medium Filler is one of U-POL’s flagship products underpinning their company slogan - Driving Surface Perfection.

So, when it comes to panel shop economics it is often worth paying for the professional grade product to make sure you get the job right first time and in the shortest time possible.

Dolphin fillers are designed with the needs of the panel shop professional in mind.