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Raptor Marine Coatings & Applications

Raptor Marine Coatings & Applications

Raptor marine coatings.

Rugged, corrosion resistant, and great looking


Raptor is being applied to ships, boats, yachts, dinghies and even wharves and other waterside assets such as railings and metal cabinets.

Raptor is a 2K paint requiring a hardener to be mixed prior to application and is engineered as an industrial strength coating system which is what the product was originally designed for.

Perfect for marine coating applications

Raptor has several important characteristics that make it perfect for marine applications, including:

  • High UV stability
  • Excellent anti-slip surface
  • Waterproof
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rugged chip and scratch resistant surface
  • Long lasting, perfect for aggressive marine environments.
  • Great looking
  • Easy to apply: roll it, paint with a brush, or spray it on.
  • Tintable with automotive colour tints
  • Adaptable textures from ‘smooth to rugged’

Easy to apply marine coating


Raptor Marine Coatings Applied to Yacht


Because it is so easy to apply, Raptor is becoming the go-to product for DIY.

Raptor dries five times thicker than normal marine coatings and forms a textured surface, hence it is very forgiving during application. Runs and over spray are easy to correct if they are even visible.

Raptor is available in white, black or tintable forms. Raptor can be tinted using standard 2K compatible automotive colour tints enabling you to achieve a wide range of colours and to match existing vessel colour schemes.

Out of the can, Raptor’s textured surface is slip resistant however, for steps, gangplanks, transoms, and other areas where extra grip is needed for safety, a special additive called Raptor Traction is available to produce a durable non-slip surface.

Corrosion resistant marine coatings

Raptor is a complete marine coating system that includes surface preparation products that help ensure outstanding corrosion resistance in aggressive marine environments.

Raptor 2K Aerosol Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer is a special primer that improves adhesion to bare metal and inhibits rust and corrosion. Apply to the surface before applying the Raptor topcoat to extend the life of the Raptor Marine Coating.

The complete Raptor product range is perfect for creating a durable, great looking, long-lasting marine coating that is perfect all marine applications.

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