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4WD rust repair – With Brunox and Raptor

4WD rust repair – With Brunox and Raptor

Brunox + Raptor, the ultimate rust protection

Nothing kills a 4WD quicker than rust. But with these two great products you can stop rust and create a great looking finish!

Four-wheel drives subjected to a long career bush bashing are prone to corrosion problems. Often you find examples that are mechanically sound, but with badly deteriorated body work.

The simplest, fastest and most effective cure is to treat the body work with two great products.

Brunox and Raptor Liner combined in a two-step process will treat the rust stopping any further deterioration and achieve a great looking topcoat that will last for years.

Brunox Epoxy Primer:
Brunox was developed in Switzerland as an industrial strength anti-corrosion product for treating steel structures. Stopping rust on a 4WD is a doddle for this robust highly effective chemical treatment. Brunox is two products in one. Firstly, it is a rust treatment that stops rust, converts rust to a stable organo-iron compound, and prevents further corrosion. However, in addition Brunox is a paint primer suitable for top-coating with a wide range of paints including 2K auto paint.

Raptor Liner:
Raptor also has an industrial heritage. Initially developed as an industrial coating it became popular as a Ute tray liner product . Now Raptor is being applied to the entire vehicle. It’s a robust 2K epoxy coating that cures to a very tough UV,  stone resistant, and scratch resistant, textured finish that is perfect for rugged 4WD action.

See it in action!


Have a look at this video put together by the guys at 4WD 24/7.

In this video they show how simple and easy it is to treat rust on panels and produce a long lasting fantastic looking result.

Brunox Epoxy rust treatment and primer is available in a range of pack sizes including a handy 400 ml aerosol that will easily do a whole panel like a roof or bonnet.

Similarly, Raptor Liner comes in a range of quantities in both bottles and aerosols.

Both Brunox and Raptor can be sprayed or applied with a brush or roller. And both products are very forgiving so that achieving a good-looking result is easy, perfect for DIY.

Video courtesy of the guys from 4WD 24/7