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Brunox Top-Lock

Brunox Top-Lock

BRUNOX Top-Lock, is the high-tech spray on lubricant for metal fittings. Top-Lock is also an ideal contact spray as it displaces moisture on circuit boards, integrated circuits and wiring cable harnesses preventing or eliminating leakage currents. Brunox Top-Lock also dissolves dirt on contact surfaces.


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Brunox Top-Lock

Top-Lock is perfect for a wide range of cleaning and lubricant purposes.

  • No gumming or freezing for a longer lock life down to - 52 ° C. No icing!
  • Excellent lubricant for locking systems.
  • Free of silicone, PTFE, graphite and nanoparticles. No resinifying!
  • Frees blockages.
  • Repels moisture.
  • Excellent contact spray. Perfectly suitable for electronic locking systems.

    Developed and launched together with ö

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